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LISA stock management software as the central theme in production

It is an understatement to say that LISA Stock forms a complete stock management software suite. LISA meets the most stringent market requirements thanks to the vertical integration across the modules.

Through the link with LISA Sales, LISA Production and LISA Purchasing, all transactions are recorded and tracked correctly. In addition, there are special features for the food sector and the stock management software can be integrated down to the shop floor. So this is a very comprehensive approach for Lot & Traceability and the mass balance!

The main assets of LISA as stock management software

Connected stock management:
Stock management is intertwined throughout the entire ERP system and across the different branches. So a transaction in LISA Sales, LISA Production and LISA Purchasing is immediately visible in LISA Stock!
Smooth management down to the shop floor:
LISA RF scanning makes active stock management possible. Periodic stocktaking, a stock correction or status change? You can enter everything from the shop floor in the stock management software.
Up-to-date stock valuation:
Have the cost prices been activated within the LISA ERP package? Then you can simply draw up periodic stock valuation reports!
Double units:
This is an essential feature in the food sector. Do you buy in kilograms and sell in pieces? In LISA Stock, you keep track of both units with the optional entry of a variable weight. The use-by date and commercial shelf life are also recorded smoothly.
Minimum stock: 
You can define the minimum stock automatically per item, based on historical consumption, taking account of the seasons.
User-friendly in any sector:
The extensive capabilities of the stock management software make LISA a must-have for any sector. Food, furniture, distribution, etc. your stock management was never so profitable!
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