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Product configurator: the key to effective management

From the furniture sector to the food industry, the LISA product configurator can save a great deal of time and money in any industry. Product variants in different colours, materials, designs, sizes, etc., they sometimes make management difficult and confusing.

Whereas now you may have dozens – or even hundreds – of products with the same basis, the product configurator reduces those numbers to a minimum. This does away with the complexity of product management, and you always maintain a clear overview.

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The product configurator in brief

We like to compare its operation with a dish and the accompanying recipe. To make the dish, you need certain ingredients in particular quantities. In turn, the ingredients may also consist of partial ingredients. When you combine all these ingredients, you obtain one finished dish. The product configurator operates in just the same way. In this case, the right composition ensures one correctly finished product.

In practice

  • Furniture sector: there is, for example, one basic piece of furniture with X options in terms of colour, degree of finishing, upholstery, dimensions, etc., so a large number of variants. Without the product configurator, all those variants make up dozens of separate products, with the configurator you quickly adapt one item according to the desired parameters.

  • Window and door manufacturers: with materials such as PVC, aluminium, wood, etc., and variables such as dimensions, colour, thickness, etc., they also have an enormous number of options. With the product configurator, you retain an overview and just a few mouse clicks take you to the desired version.

  • Food industry: a meat processing plant may have several customers that each set their requirements in terms of packaging, quantity, labels, etc., you can see all of these requirements as variants of a single product, in this case meat. By using the Product Configurator, you soon get the desired composition to the right customer.

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