LISA Slaughter and cut

Unique production module for slaughterhouses

The functionalities of the LISA slaughterhouse module are fully aligned to slaughterhouses and cutting plants. LISA offers plenty of possibilities that can only benefit efficiency!

Accurate planning: 
Plan a slaughter easily and execute it efficiently.
Communication with the IVB: 
The slaughter data are automatically sent in the required format of the IVB.
Send data online to the FAVV: 
Send the required data automatically and online to the FAVV.
Smooth stock management:
keep track of stocks by warehouse or location and by batch of slaughtered animals, cut products or processed products.
Linking devices: 
LLISA provides automatic and direct links with the scales, prick probe and camera.
Clear reporting: LISA processes slaughter data and allows you to print slaughter lists and reports.
Automatic administration: Draw up purchasing statements and invoices and have them booked through automatically.
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