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Digitalise and automate deliveries with LISA Truck

LISA Truck means that drivers no longer need to juggle paper delivery notes when they’re on the road which then have to be scanned in the office! This handy application brings together all the information you need, such as routes, packing slips and info on returns of empty packaging, and it connects directly to LISA ERP.

It means that drivers always have the latest information to hand, deliveries are super efficient and there’s no more admin work to do afterwards. In other words, this smart app brings added value to the way your company operates!

A tablet that works as a driver’s companion

LISA Truck functions best on tablets with a SIM card, and it connects to LISA ERP in real time. But what if you need to add an extra stop-off from the office, or the driver wants to make a note of empty packing that has been picked up? It’s a piece of cake.

The app shows the driver a clear plan of all of the stops. The route determined in LISA is clearly displayed to the driver and various features are available for each stop:

Detailed info sheet: standard information (address, telephone number, etc.) available at a glance as well as other information to note, such as delivery instructions.
Interactive tools: the driver can launch his navigation from the application according to preference and by making it possible to register purchase and departure times, the exact delivery time is known.
Goods to be delivered: a clear and detailed overview of the goods that each customer is expecting.
Notes: the driver can easily add notes here about a damaged box or other extra information.
Empty packaging: 60 crates and 15 pallets? The driver enters the quantity of empty packaging picked up and the data is instantly sent to LISA.

Always improving

We are constantly working on new features to make LISA Truck even better to use. Possibility to have customers signing for receipt on the tablet, note damage or a delivery location using the photo tool, record returned products and much more. LISA Truck just keeps getting better!

Advantages of LISA Truck

Always up to date: the real-time connection to LISA ERP ensures that both the driver and colleagues at the office have the latest information.
Go paperless: no more paper schedules or packing slips.
Clear overview: drivers always have the best route plan and all the information they need at their fingertips.
Easy to make changes: it’s effortless to add new delivery information or an extra stop.
Optimal operation: make impressive time savings by immediately entering delivery times, empty packaging that is brought back and other important information.

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