Progress Software as the basis for CCE applications

Progress by numbers

Since day one, CCE has chosen resolutely for Progress Software. We build all our applications to this development standard. Years of experience as a Progress partner make us specialists in this programming language and database!

Progress’s Mission: “To help enterprises thrive by providing the best platform and tools for building modern strategic business applications.”

Progress powers delivers bottom line benefits and a competive edge

Why Progress Software?

Progress Software (NASDAQ:PRGS) wants to offer the most complete, robust and future-proof platform for the development, implementation and management of business applications. A whole mouthful, simply to say that Progress Software offers very comprehensive solutions!

The applications can be used both locally and in the cloud, and via any type of device. Moreover, Progress Software is easy to connect to data sources from other (cloud) applications.

Proud Progress Partner

Progress is a productive development platform for applications with low management costs. Progress Software is very robust and continues to innovate in the field of, among others, big data and software-as-a-service. It is logical that the four million users worldwide still get extra companionship daily!

Moreover, Progress is one of the few technology companies that pursue ‘upward compatibility’. Thus customer investments remain guaranteed. Progress is indeed very involved with its customers and partners. That is partly the reason why Progress has won the Omega NorthFace award ten times now for best customer service.

All these efforts ensure that we put our trust in building on Progress Software. As a Progress Partner, we can offer you the best solutions, today and tomorrow!

Lowest administrative overhead and support costs in the industry and a faster ROI
70% fewer resources required than Oracle or Microsoft SQL databases
Requires little to no maintenance; no need for a full-time database administrator
Data storage costs up to 75% lower than other leading databases on the market
Partners develop applications 40% faster with a 30% cost savings - benefits passed directly on to you