Everything about the SME portfolio and CCE

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The SME portfolio is a subsidy measure aimed at freelancers, the liberal professions, and small and medium-sized enterprises. It provides subsidies, which can be used to pay for services that promote entrepreneurship, such as training and advice at CCE.

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Possible subsidy amounts

For training or advice at CCE, the Flemish government pays up to 30% of the eligible costs for small enterprises and up to 20% for large enterprises.

Small enterprises employ up to 50 employees and have a maximum turnover of € 10 million, medium-sized enterprises have up to 250 employees and a maximum turnover of € 50 million.

The maximum support ceiling amounts to € 7,500 for both small enterprises and medium-sized enterprises. The minimum project amount is € 100 for training and € 500 for advice. A project may include one or more training programmes and/or students, and you can submit multiple projects per year. You cannot pay VAT with this subsidy.

Who is eligible?

To qualify for a subsidy through the SME portfolio, your company must satisfy these conditions:

  • The company is an SME (according to the European SME definition) or you practice a liberal profession.
  • The company has an acceptable legal form.
  • The establishment is in the Flemish Region. That is also where the ‘workers in your business’ work.
  • You are active in the private sector. The participation of an administrative authority is less than 25%.
  • The company has an acceptable main activity.

Have you answered yes five times to the above questions? Then you qualify for the subsidy.

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SME portfolio conditions for training programmes

  • The training programme costs at least € 100 excluding VAT, including the teacher's travel expenses.
  • The participants sign the attendance list for each lesson.
  • The training is paid before 31 December of the year following your application for aid.
  • The aid application is possible from registration until 14 days after the start of the training programme.
  • After the training, participants receive a personalised training certificate from CCE.

You will find more information about these conditions on www.vlaio.be.

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SME portfolio conditions for advice

  • The advice aims to help the company forwards. Two types of advice are eligible:
    1. Written advice and recommendations that consist of an analysis of the problem formulation, an actual advice, an implementation plan and guidance in the implementation.
    2. Written advice and recommendations that consist of identifying, outlining and exploring opportunities and solutions related to the functioning of the company.
  • The advice is given based on a specific problem formulation and ensures that you take business decisions on the basis of analysis (research), advice (suggestions, advice) and an implementation plan (action plan, roadmap, specific advice).
  • The advice is recorded in a written document.
  • The service costs a minimum of € 500, excluding VAT.
  • You conclude a contract with a registered service provider.
  • The advisory report must be paid before 31 December of the year following your application for aid.
  • You request support online – from the conclusion of the agreement up to no more than 14 days after the start of the cooperation.
  • After performing the advice, you receive a personalised advisory report from CCE.

What advice does not qualify?

Obviously, it is the intention that the advice gives your business an extra stimulus. Therefore, advice on normal business expenditure or legally required services is not eligible for subsidies.

How do you request a subsidy?

Conclude an agreement for advice or training with CCE. After the start of the training, you have a maximum of 14 days to request this project through the website. This is explained in detail on the SME portfolio website (www.vlaio.be) via ‘Application procedure’.

For the project title, fill in the title of the training programme or advice. You will also have to fill in the registration number of the service provider (CCE) in the request:

  • For training: DV.O107174 (the letter ‘O’ followed by the digits 107174).
  • For advice: DV.A103240.

After the request, you immediately receive the deposit data. You have up to 30 days after this confirmation to finance your project, so that the portfolio becomes active. The Flemish government adds the subsidy to your portfolio in proportion to the amount deposited. You pay the invoice of the service provider (CCE) from your virtual wallet. Please state the invoice number with your payment.

Does the invoice state a VAT amount? You cannot pay that amount through the entrepreneurs wallet, but directly by bank transfer to CCE.

Note: please do not wait for the invoice before requesting the subsidy.

For more information, please visit www.vlaio.be. We also answer your questions via 09 362 36 93 or info@cce.be. This email address is protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it.