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Fine-tune your cybersecurity by 2025

In 2025, a new European law concerning cybersecurity will come into force. More specifically, this means that your company will need to show that it does not present a cybersecurity risk to current or potential customers.

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Take your cybersecurity to the next level

Our sister company Alfa Informatic will be pleased to put your cybersecurity through its paces using a risk-analysis checklist. The list has been prepared in accordance with the cyber fundamentals of the Centre for Cyber Security Belgium.

The checklist contains several fundamental building blocks concerning cybersecurity. A quick scan will reveal which building blocks are missing or can be improved. If the foundations are solid, you can work on the security level corresponding to the size of your company. There are three levels: basic, important and essential.

Tackle specific action points

Alfa Informatic will be pleased to help you to improve the cybersecurity in your company. It has specific tools to deal with any issues revealed by the quick scan. Everything is fully secure and user friendly!

For instance:

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Password protection: Password management tool Keeper offers the best security features in its class. Users gain access to encrypted data quickly and without any risk.


MFA (Multi-factor authentication) security: Protect systems, hardware and much more with Yubico. The security features are exceptionally efficient without telephone, password or code.

Would you like to fine-tune your cybersecurity? Contact us. By doing this, you can be sure of the best possible protection when the new legislation comes into force.