Comprehensive Business Intelligence reporting

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The LISA ERP system allows you to retrieve a great deal of information from your data sources. This gives you a clear overview of, among other things, best-selling products, fluctuations in sales figures, accounting balance sheet trends, etc.

QlikSense / Power BI takes you a step further. This tool for Business Intelligence reporting allows you to search multiple data sources and to monitor, visualise and analyse business data. So QlikSense / Power BI offers you numerous insights to support reactive and proactive decisions!

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Clear, fast and transparent

This tool allows you to visualise the outcome in well-arranged graphs, pie charts, pivot tables, etc. The extensive graphic object options allow you to present figures and data clearly.

We have deliberately chosen to allow QlikSense / Power BI to work alongside LISA. Since data output can be heavy, this does not affect the ERP's speed. In addition, users of this Business Intelligence reporting tool are often unfamiliar with ERP systems. By using a separate tool, we respond to their needs for easy reporting.