Yubico is a market leader in providing optimal security through MFA where users do not get frustrated by the extra layer of security in addition to having to remember their passwords.

Yubikey Bio Series - FIDO (Fast Identity Online) edition from Yubico is the key and constitutes a revolutionary authenticator for easy and high security access to applications, networks and online services of your enterprise.

The Bio Series shows its worth for 'cloud-first organisations', desktops, laptops, switching at shared workstations.

Hardware-based "Two factor authentication" key in the form of a USB stick (easy to carry)
High security through biometric authentication (fingerprint reader)
Password-free login, increases user-friendliness and productivity when switching between shared workstations
No phone needed at the workplace
Supports FIDO2/WebAuthn, U2F
Works under the operating systems Windows, Linux, macOS, Chrome OS and Edge
Available in USB-A and USB-C
IP68, battery-free, no moving parts
User-friendly MFA product
Compatible with password manager Keeper

Protect your digital life with built-in security. Alfa Informatic supports you in switching to a password-free working method.