Start-up G. Van Landschoot & Zonen

Gerard Van Landschoot & Zonen - Maldegem
Gerard Van Landschoot & Zonen - Adegem

Teamwork makes the LISA dream work

Gerard Van Landschoot & Zonen was recently started up in phases with the LISA modules Financial, Purchasing, Sales, Stock and an online link with the slaughter system on the floor. Thanks to the good cooperation, this start-up was a success. All loading at the loading docks is done with the LISA touchscreens. The unloaded pigs in their pens can be registered and monitored via Stal Management. And finally, the results of the slaughters are consulted via Power BI.

Gerard Van Landschoot & Zoon - Maldegem

Who is Gerard Van Landschoot & Zonen?

G. Van Landschoot en Zonen in Adegem slaughters, cuts and sells pigs and pork, transports live animals and meat, has deep-freeze storage and operates a meat hall. The meat hall supplies catering companies, schools and institutions, but every private individual can also simply buy from the butcher's shop.