Versatile ordering platform thanks to like-minded quartet: Hygiena, The Staff Solutions, Das Media & CCE

Hygiëna: Versatile ordering platform

Hygiena, Belgian wholesaler in organic and ecological products, was ready for a B2B web shop to serve their growing customer base quickly and easily. To achieve this order platform, they joined forces with The Staff Solutions, DAS Media & Claerhout Computer Engineering (CCE). Using their individual expertise, they jointly created an integrated web shop that very clearly boosted the customers’ purchasing behaviours!

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As a Belgian wholesaler in organic food products and ecological non-food products, Hygiena supplies organic & zero-waste shops all over the country. The extensive product range includes 90 sustainable brands totalling 2600 products, from organic food to ecological cosmetics. EDI order platforms already offered a solution for online orders. But for other orders (which used to come in via telephone or mail), there was a need for something extra to maximise digitisation. The development of a B2B web shop was a logical follow-on within the strong growth story. A follow-on that became a reality some two years ago. To achieve this, Hygiena called on its regular partners The Staff Solutions, DAS Media and CCE. Thanks to their complementarity and smooth collaboration, the B2B web shop now shows its undeniable added value. Customers describe the web shop as user-friendly, fast, and clear, and thanks to the integration with LISA ERP, the in-house team doesn’t have to deal with double administration!


The exploratory customer survey by The Staff Solutions became the main foundation for this B2B web shop. Which types of customers can order from the web shop? What is their ideal order flow? What do they feel is important in a web shop? By clearly mapping all the needs and requirements, 95% of potential web shop customers are currently convinced they will only order via the web shop! After the preliminary survey, The Staff Solutions made sure the entire process ran smoothly. All requirements were described in detail, the project was phased, the budgets were set. In addition, both pilot customers and the Hygiena team were closely involved, creating a platform that appealed to everyone.

95% of potential web shop customers now only order online!


DAS Media used all our valuable customer and team information to develop the B2B web shop. The company has more than 10 years’ experience in developing bespoke solutions for e-commerce and web applications. This extensive knowledge was utilised to create an extremely user-friendly B2B order platform. DAS Media linked the platform to Hygiena’s existing LISA ERP system. The wealth of experience DAS Media has with LISA, and the great collaboration on previous projects with the partners had already proved their added value in the past. Now, Hygiena can also enjoy the time savings, and relish in the fact that the error margin caused by manual input is now minimal. What’s more, customers are ordering a greater variety of products, and in higher volumes.

Webshop op verschillende toestellen


The LISA ERP package by Claerhout Computer Engineering has been an fixture within the food sector for 25 years. Hygiena already used LISA, which meant integration with the web shop was both a must and an added value. The orders from the web shop are automatically integrated in LISA, saving at least 2 FTEs. This means the sales office team can concentrate on customer service, instead of having to enter each order manually. So, order are sent directly to LISA from the web shop, but there is also a lot of communication in the other direction. Info from the ERP package can easily be visualised in the web shop: updated product range, discounts, and also order history. Talk about full interaction!


After being up and running for two years, we can conclude that the web shop signified a boost for Hygiena. 95% of the potential web shop customers now only order online, and there is also a noticeable shift in purchasing behaviours. Customers are buying larger quantities more often, and they are noticeably expanding their assortment. Amazing what an easy and comprehensive overview of available products can achieve... Today, 70% of the incoming orders at Hygiena can be processed automatically as part of the LISA ERP. These are orders from the web shop or order from customers via structured messages that are automatically processed. Manually entering orders is becoming a thing of the past, so that the team at Hygiena is free to do what really matters: offering help and advice to customers!

The Hygiena web shop is the easiest to order from!


The brilliant results of the Hygiena web shop are without doubt the result of the strong collaboration with the partners. They each have their own area of expertise, perfectly complementing one another. Four strong links that ensured the project ran smoothly at all times, and resulted in a concise, profitable web shop.

What’s more, customers are regularly asked about their experiences with the web shop. The four partners review the resulting suggestions together, effectively questioning and optimising the order platform on a continuous basis. This approach more than pays off, as proven by the Hygiena customers who say the Hygiena web shop is the easiest to order from!

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