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Lisa Slaughterhouse module
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Slaughterhouse module

Unique in our package is the LISA Slaughterhouse Module with full functionality for slaughterhouses and processing plants.
This module offers the following possibilities:

  • the slaughtering of all animals in plans and the complete slaughtering finished.
  • the slaughtering data is sent automatically to the I.V.B. in their required format.
  • the required data is sent automatically ONLINE to the FAVV.
  • the stock per warehouse and warehouse location of the slaughtered animals, cut products and processed products is kept per lot.
  • automatic direct links with scales, prick probe and camera.
  • the processing of the yet to be executed slaughtering
  • slaughter lists and slaughter reports printed
  • purchase statements or invoices to be drawn up
  • the purchase statements or service invoices booked automatically


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