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Introduction LISA Sales
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Introduction LISA Sales

Selling goods is one thing, but administrative processing, customer follow-up and the link to accounting, production and stock is crucial for retaining customers. That is where LISA makes a difference. CCE has more than 20 years of experience in diverse sectors and with diverse types of companies.

What are the aspects that make LISA Sales different and better than other ERP packages?

In LISA we do not speak of customers, suppliers, etc. but of “third parties”. Third parties can be a customer or invoice customer, delivery customer, supplier, transporter, sales agent, etc. All third parties are grouped in one file, namely “management of third parties”. This file is valid for the total ERP package. This means that you can call up management of third parties from any application and all that information is available. We have constructed our customers and item connections in a tree structure because of this file. It cannot be simpler or clearer.

In LISA Sales we can divide the customers or third parties into groups. The aim is to give every group a specific property. An example: a purchasing association that get an extra discount due to scaling-up. This implies that these customer or supplier groups also have separate properties. For example they get a 2.5% quantity discount that a regular customer does not receive or they can receive a longer term of payment. It is these characteristics that make the management and follow-up complex.

Discounts and promotions are important aspects in a sales module. In LISA Sales the discount and promotion structures are completely parameterised so you can establish specific discounts and promotions per customer or customer group. Discounts can be adapted for certain promotional periods, for example end-of-the-year campaigns. Because our customers are active in different sectors, we have accumulated lots of expertise related to discounts and promotions. Every sector has its own specific characteristics that require a specialised approach.

What about entering sales orders?

Orders can be input in LISA Sales per item or according to assortment. Behind the order input there is an order history that accurately displays what and how much a customer ordered in the past. This gives you the opportunity to adjust your sales strategy to the customer and possibly award special discounts. The order history gives you an overview of the customer's purchasing behaviour. This tool is extremely important and profitable for the sales team.

Inputting and processing orders is one thing, but delivering the goods on time is not always evident. To organise your journeys as efficiently as possible, CCE nv has integrated a journey manager and shipping planning into the sales module. An extra tool is the volume calculation, which allows you to manage the journeys optimally. The system calculates which orders can be transported on which route. If the load exceeds the maximum volume then LISA automatically issues a warning. This principle also applies for the maximum weight allowed.

To complete the link to stock management we developed the order picking tool. This tool offers many advantages, specifically towards stock management and warehousing. Picking lists are generated directly from LISA Sales. The goods are scanned in and released for loading based on RF-terminals. Because LISA is fully integrated, the stock is adjusted when an order is picked. This saves time and money and the burden of error is reduced drastically.

The invoicing of sales orders occurs directly from LISA Sales to LISA Financieel. Companies with various subsidiaries or independent branches can invoice among themselves (intercompany bookings). Histories and reports of this are generated so that manager get a perfect and clear overview of the mutual transactions.

As an additional service towards customers, it is possible to award a reward system via credit notes. The aim is to give customers an extra discount if they achieve a certain turnover. This option is parameterised in advance and can be set per year, per quarter, per month, etc. LISA Sales awards these credit notes automatically. This option gives customers extra motivation and it is an extra discount or service from the company's point of view.

A good sales system also has good reporting tools. LISA Sales offers users a range of reports and consultation screens in order to give a good insight into the flow of goods. To communicate the commercial data clearly, LISA Sales offers sales report data, weekly sales, sales totals, discount/promotion totals, etc. These reporting tool enable you to give the necessary financial information to management or employees at any time.

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