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Introduction LISA Stock
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Introduction LISA Stock

Stock management and supply chain management are increasingly important in the current economic climate. Stock surpluses cost lots of money and stock shortages can have serious consequences. Think about contractual obligations that cannot be met or simply that production lines cannot run constantly.

CCE mainly accumulated its stock management expertise in the food industry. In this sector EAN 128 and the BRC (British Retail Consortium) standard have been followed for years, but other sectors must now prove that they can keep close track of their products, and not only for safety reasons. Sectors are slowly realising that tracking and tracing can have economic advantages. This trend implies that CCE can transfer its knowledge in this field to other sectors. A simple example is the “double units” feature. For example, companies purchase in kg but sell in pieces, these units must be kept in the stock doubly. An additional difficulty in the food industry is the ultimate consumption date (UVD), which is much more complex in stock management than in a regular production environment. In this sector there is no space for too late or incorrect deliveries; stock management is a very crucial factor and LISA by CCE has a ready-made solution.

New legislation was introduced in the food industry on 1 January 2005; it stated that every company in the food industry had to have traceability. That's right, manufacturers, distributors, etc. fall under this legislation. The government took measures owing to the dioxin crises and the PCB crisis. As from 2005 every food company must be able to trace the entire flow of its products within four hours. Lot & traceability is a problem that runs through all the company's processes and therefore must be followed by a software system. LISA by CCE has a vertical food ERP package in which lot and traceability are completely intertwined.

If you want more information about this legislation, please consult the following sites:

You see that CCE satisfies the strictest market requirements regarding stock management. We do not limit ourselves to the food industry. On the contrary, we use our know-how to help companies in other sectors (such as the furniture industry, distribution sector, nonferrous metal, etc.) deal with stocks more profitably and more efficiently.


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