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Financial core figures
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Financial core figures CCE nv and Alfa Informatic nv


CCE profiles itself as a total provider of financial and ERP applications with a long-term vision. If you choose CCE as your IT partner, it is very important to know the financial situation of our company and be be sure that we have the means and capacity to grow with your company. To support this long-term vision, here is a summary of the turnover evolution of both CCE and our sister company Alfa Informatic.

Core figures CCE

As you can see, the terms continuity and automatic financing are not totally unfounded. The Trends Top 30,000, which summarises the 30,000 largest Belgian companies, states that many enterprises in the IT sector are having a hard time. The choice of IT partner is a crucial, long-term decision. CCE, by contrast, is able to consolidate its growth. By climbing more than 500 places, it increasingly demands a place in the top of the Belgian IT industry. CCE is a very solid enterprise and IT partner for the future.


Core figures Alfa Informatic


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