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Progress-technology basis of CCE applications
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Progress technology basis of CCE applications

Since CCE's establishment in 1989 we have resolutely chosen Progress technology. Our applications only use one development standard and that is Progress. With years of experience we profile ourselves as specialists in this programming language and database. With success!

Who is Progress Software?


Progress Software (NASDAQ:PRGS) has the mission of providing the most complete, modern, robust and future-proof platform for the development, implementation and the management of business applications, locally and/or in the cloud. For use on any desired device (such as PC, laptop, smart phone and tablet), regardless of the infrastructure and easy to connect to other data sources from other (cloud)applications. Progress is primarily know among analysts and customers as one of the most productive application development platforms with low management costs (total cost of ownership/TCO). The platform is roundly praised for its robustness. Globally, about 4 million people work with Progress-based software and hundreds more are added to this number every day.

Progress Software keeps innovation in its technology, for example in 'cloud', 'mobile', big data integration, 'software-as-a-service' (SaaS) and 'security'. This enables developers to build solutions that continue to meet your latest wishes. Furthermore, Progress is one of the few technology companies that strives for 'upward compatibility'. This ensures continued investment in Progress technology for customers.

In the dynamic world of IT, Progress has been able to maintain its leading postion as a supplier of development software for 30 years. Progress has a very healthy financial postion and has been long involved in the success of its customers and partners. This has helped Progress and its globally certified support centres to win the Omega North Face prize for the best customers service no less than 10 times. Their customers satisfaction is measured continuously and averages 95%.

For more information about the products and services of Progress: or

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